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Stay Focused on Your Dreams

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” ~ Muhammad Ali

We can get so overwhelmed with the multitude of tasks we have in our lives when we are in the midst of making our dreams come true that we often lose sight of the big picture, we lose sight of our distant goal.

We can get caught up in the stress and fear of things not working out or the difficulty of completing all the steps that we need to take, we can shut down or lose our “Mamba Mentality” mindset.

So how DO we handle the daily stresses and pressures of checking off lists and accomplishing our daily agenda when we are working towards a long term dream? How DO we stay focused and present on the goal, and not lose our vision, our footing, or our motivation?

Right now, I am trying to do it all. I am actively looking for jobs to gain financial footing to support my writing dream; I am writing my book proposal, and chapters of my book; taking a bestseller masterclass; adding weekly to my blog; trying to build an online presence; and working on my holistic health coach certification; while still maintaining my workout routine and other daily tasks.

In my masterclass, I’ve been learning how crucial it is to get an editor and literary agent who matches my vibe, writing style, and vision for my book. Just writing the book proposal is a huge chunk of getting your foot in the right door and that’s just one component of the book writing process.

I started getting in my head about how I was going to get it all done if I am working a full time job? Will I get so caught up in the daily grind of work that I will lose my focus?

And I immediately started feeling fear. I just began to pursue my dream of being a writer. I couldn't let that dream die before it had even started!

So, I stopped. And I took a breath. I thought about how I was going to stay focused on the bigger picture. And I came up with three things that I believe are crucial to keeping your eyes on the prize, while staying consistent with forward movement.

First, I think we have to stay grounded in a consistent spiritual practice; second, stay present in the moment; and last, but most of all, never lose faith, hope or belief in ourselves and the vision we have in our hearts.

Implementing a form of spiritual practice is key to tackling long term goals. Meditation is the perfect way to keep focused, aligned, and calm. I’ve mentioned many times how I believe meditation is integral to starting the day off right. Even 10 minutes of focused deep breathing and intention setting can ward off unwanted anxiety.

Start with a guided meditation if you’ve never meditated before to help center yourself and your thoughts first thing in the morning, midday or right before bed. It will keep you calm, lower your stress levels, and you’ll be able to maintain your focus better throughout the day.

Staying grounded in your truth and in the present moment is also imperative. Live in a place of appreciation and gratitude every day. Enjoy the process and the journey of reaching your goals.

Be excited, confident about your progress, and be kind to yourself. Each day will bring its own set of hardships, and you can’t beat yourself up things not going well all the time.

It’s not about perfection. It’s about consistency. Make short term goal lists and check them off as you go through the journey. Celebrate each of your wins!!

Even though we are eager to reach our destination, long term goals take time, so we must be patient, forgiving, and loving towards ourselves at all times.

Last, but not least, you must believe in yourself! Know that when you are pushing towards a goal that is lengthy, you will undoubtedly come across road bumps and minor setbacks. That is okay!

It’s all part of the process, but you CAN and will get there if you are persistent, consistent with forward action, and you are enjoying yourself along the way. And never give up!

When I do find myself doubting or fearing, I write down a list of what I can and will achieve. I keep that list in my sight at all times and I say it out loud until I’ve convinced myself of it.

For example, I have written down: “I have secured an amazing editor and literary agent that is best suited for me.”

Another important piece of actualizing your goals is staying in your lane and surrounding yourself with positivity: positive thoughts, positive stories, and positive people. There is no room for anything else. When we are in a state of limitless thinking and knowing, we can achieve greatness.

People will always come at you with negativity, criticism, doubt and judgment, but that’s okay because when you believe in yourself and you are determined to make your dreams come true, it doesn’t matter what anyone believes or says.

All that matters is that you believe in YOU and your capabilities. And when you do believe in yourself, dreams manifest. Goals actualize. And before you know it, you have made your impossible dream come true.

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