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Hi, I'm a Chicagoan now living her best life in sunny California!  I am a holistic health & wellness coach, writer, poet, and blogger.  I'm an expert educator with a M.Ed and 13 years of English teaching experience, founder of Barot Tutoring and Writing Services, and law school graduate with a J.D. from UIC John Marshall Law School.  My love for learning inspires me everyday to constantly evolve and grow into the most optimal version of myself.

As a current educator aligned with the holistic health & wellness coaching industry, I utilize my skills and experience in helping students inside the classroom, as well as coaching educators outside of the classroom. It is my intention to inspire, guide, and motivate others to embody a positive mindset, transform fears to freedom, and achieve a healthy and balanced spiritual, emotional, and physical life.


I am currently working on my first nonfiction self-help book which is an inward journey of soul growth to align with your authentic self and true purpose so you can be in a position to attract your best life.

My passions are writing, poetry, traveling, and photography. I love fashion, art, wellness, cooking, and nature, as well.  You can always find me by the ocean, chasing sunsets, hiking in the mountains or just taking in all that this beautiful Golden state has to offer!

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