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Manifest an Outer World that Mirrors Your Joyous Soul

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." ~ Aristotle

I seem to feel the happiest when I’m not on social media most days. When we are on social media, we tend to compare, judge, analyze and question how our lives are not exactly the way we envisioned in this present state. We can get caught up in seeing what everyone else is doing in their lives and think ours is not as special and exciting, especially around the holidays.

I think social media can be a dangerous trap for many who are struggling or going through a difficult time in their life. When we are searching and building our own beautiful world, checking up on what everyone else is doing only slows our growth process; even when we look at our friends’ photos and stories out of kindness, love and curiosity.

We can still get caught up in a web of misperception, false pretenses and images of perfection that don’t really exist, and this can cause us to look at our own life in comparison and doubt that we have achieved or found that which it is we are looking for, which in turn causes us to be unhappy.

I know for me personally, when I am working on my own growth and trying to climb my little mountain of dreams, seeing others have what it is I am still reaching for, is distracting, and tends to cause me to falter and slide back down a few steps. So, I have to pull myself up again, boost my own confidence, and reinstate my own self worth and love, so that I can gain the momentum to move forward to where I was before I was displaced.

The blessing is it gets easier and I can move faster each time, but what I have realized is that when I focus on my own reality, my current world, I move at lightning speed toward my goals. I feel internally so much happier and I am able to truly attract what I desire because I’m in a constant state of joy and bliss.

The truth about the law of attraction is that our current circumstances DO NOT matter.

Where we currently are is NOT an indication of all that can be. All that can be IS infinite possibility and a manifestation of all that we desire. It can all be had if we think it, feel it, and believe it. What does matter are the thoughts we possess and what we focus on throughout our day.

When we fill our thoughts with visualizations of our goals becoming a reality, the powerful strength we possess, and the beautiful way in which we can co-create our lives, nothing else does matter.

That is why when we lose our focus and get distracted with what others are doing, it only causes our minds to slip from that higher vibrational energy of positivity and receptivity.

This in turn delays our manifestations because we can become consumed, even if momentarily, with doubt, fear, insecurity, jealousy or judgment. And that is not the thought process you want to have when you are trying to manifest your dreams and goals.

I believe social media is both a blessing and a curse because it can be a place that causes us to feel negative emotions, but it can also be source of happiness and excitement as well.

Social media can be a vision board of images that take you around the world, it can open up your imagination and it can connect you with people who are miles apart. It can be a joyous forum of sharing ideas and interests, inspiring others and being inspired; it can be a very positive experience and it has been for me on so many occasions!

For instance when I have just crafted a poem, taken a beautiful photo or written a blog piece and spontaneously posted because I want to share my passions in the moment, I am being my true authentic self. It’s in those times that I experience the most happiness from social media.

So, lean into what serves you best at where you are in your life right now. Know yourself and know what is best for you always, especially during the tough times in life.

Happiness and joy first come from within you. It is never outside of you, nor will it ever come from other people, experiences or material goods. To truly experience joy and happiness, you must find it within yourself, so that you can create a world in which you live that mirrors your internal soul.

When that happens, then all of the external things you are looking for to bring you happiness: the relationship, the job, the home, the trip, the family, will all be icing on the cake of the happiness that is already within you.

That’s when you’ll know you have manifested an outer world that reflects your internal world. And to me that is what our life purpose is about- to be happy and live in pure joy.

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