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Fill Your Soul Cup with Gratitude

Is your soul cup full of gratitude? When you fill your soul cup with gratitude, it overflows with self-love.

Gratitude is such an important part of honoring the authentic self in all of us. When we are grateful for the abundance in our lives, and take steps to do the things that bring us joy and happiness to our hearts, we feel love in our lives, and then we can then expand that love outward into the world. When we feel appreciation and gratefulness, we experience self-love; we feel worthy, we feel good enough, and we feel confident. These attributes attract more opportunities and experiences that embody abundance, love and joy into our lives on a daily basis.

I’m sure a majority of people probably spent Valentine’s Day with their loved ones sharing quality time together. But not everyone has a family or significant other, or even friends that they could have spent the weekend with, and this could have resulted in a holiday weekend filled with isolation, depression, and loneliness. I know it was a hard weekend for me.

But, I learned a long time ago that Valentine’s Day is more than love from a significant other; it is love between family, best friends, and yourself. It’s a day of celebrating ALL kinds of love. Society tends to make us feel that if we don’t have someone special, we are lacking or less than, and that’s far from the truth. And trust me, I was one of those people.

But when we stop looking at what everyone else has that we don’t, like the flowers, gifts, family, significant other, or whatever, then we can focus on how much love we actually DO have in our lives. And when we shift the way we view our life, and focus on the positive around us, and the joy we feel in our hearts for the things we do have, we attract more of that love, joy, and appreciation.

It’s not to say that we won’t still long for things, it’s just that we won’t come any closer to getting it, if we only focus on the lack or what’s missing in our lives.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon this networking group in my local area and there was a woman who was doing a Galentine’s Day event in her art studio. It was an evening where women could get together, have champagne, and paint. The woman who organized the event was so lovely, and she did such a great job of making the evening special for all the women who attended.

There were single and divorced women of all ages who just wanted a relaxing and fun few hours on a holiday that makes many of us wonder: where is the love? I decided to do it because I didn’t want to sit at home alone thinking about how I was not on a date or making a special dinner for my true love. I wanted to focus on something fun and happy. And I am so glad I did!

I created this beautiful piece of artwork that evening that represented my heart, my soul. I was able to be creative and enjoy the moment, and meet some really nice women in my neighborhood. It was such a great experience! I was not looking for love in someone else or focusing on what was missing in my life; but rather, appreciating this opportunity and what an abundant life I was living!

And that was just one example. When I started making it a habit of putting myself as a priority and doing things that filled my soul cup, I felt more gratitude, happiness, and more deserving of love. As a teacher, and by just being me, I tended to give most of myself away. I was always willing to help someone, listen to someone or be there for someone, and the result of that action was that there was little left of me in the end to give to myself. My soul cup was always empty.

It wasn’t until I started doing things for myself, finding joy in creativity and activities like the Galentine’s Day event, going to the ocean and running on the beach, cooking, dancing in my kitchen, listening to music, painting- all the things I love doing when I’m not working, did I find that my cup started filling. I started feeling better about myself, happier, and filled with more love and gratitude.

Doing the things that make you intrinsically joyful is an act of self-love that fills your soul cup with gratefulness. And when your cup is full, you are in the position to attract so much more of what you desire in your life!

So, my wish this week for all of you, is that your soul cups are full, and flowing with self-love and gratitude!

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