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We Are Always Being Intuitively Guided

“All you have to do is pay attention; lessons arrive when you are ready, and if you can read the signs, you will learn everything you need in order to take the next step.” ~ Paulo Coehlo

The Universe is always sending us messages, signs, synchronicities, and intuitive nudges. We are all divinely guided on our path if we pay attention to the signs we receive. This is how the Universe communicates with us.

How many of you have had someone give you sound advice that turned out to be very fruitful? Or you stumbled across the perfect job opportunity? Or met the love of your life in a random, unique way?

When you see angel numbers all the time like 1111, 222, 333 or 444 for example, or when you happen to run into the very person you had just been thinking about, or you see a cardinal perched on a tree branch outside your window after a loved one has passed.

When a song is playing and the lyrics speak to you or you see a rainbow on a day when you just needed some hope. These are just some examples of the many signs and synchronicities we encounter in life, if we are open to receiving them.

Allowing magic in your life takes a very open mind, but once you allow it in, and you start recognizing the signs and the way we get messages to help guide us down the right path, the more incredible and awe-struck our lives can really be.

The trick is trying to understand the meaning behind the signs. Sometimes it’s simple and clear. The positive signs usually are indicators that you are on the right path or doing well.

Other times, you can get negative signs like a bad gut feeling, a setback, getting sick all the time, to constant challenges, obstacles or accidents. Those signs are usually signaling to you that you are off track or not in alignment with your soul's purpose.

They show up like red flag warnings telling you to do a life check because something is off. And often the negative signs will be repetitive and escalate; especially when you haven't been paying attention.

“Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whisper. Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

My negative signs were getting constantly ill when I was a teacher in Illinois. It was a whisper that I ignored for years. And what happens when you don't pay attention to the whispers?

The Universe starts screaming as Oprah stated. You will get so uncomfortable and miserable in your existence that you will be forced to make major life shifts and changes. For me, getting adult mono was the catalyst to making that major life change to move to California.

However, you will still get negative signs if that shift is still not enough to align you with your soul's path. And if you don't listen again, usually due to fear, the Universe does the work for you, and leaves you with no choice but to make changes. I call that a soul wake-up call.

Even though I still got sick my first year of teaching in California, I had two soul wake-up calls after moving to California due to external circumstances: not being able to teach without a CLAD certificate and not being allowed to continue teaching because it was cheaper to hire someone else. It was the last one that finally got me to quit teaching.

Although it was a painful, miserable, and hurtful time in my life; I now see those signs, those soul wake-up calls, as divinely putting me on the path to realizing my dream. My path to being a writer which is my soul's purpose.

I wish I had listened to the Universe's intuitive guidance years ago, but we stubborn souls eventually get there, it just takes a lot more screams than we would probably like.

Now, when I see a sign, positive or negative, I recognize the meaning behind the messages, and I listen closely. I am still sometimes a little slow on the negative ones, but I haven't had a scream in awhile! :)

What I have learned through all of this is that when you can come to a place of knowing that when a lot of bad things are happening, that is the best time to say thank you; instead of being angry or disappointed that you didn’t get what you wanted.

You want to say ‘thank you Universe’ for the sign that is telling me to go in a different direction. The sign to head down a different path. Pursue a new goal or dream. Thank you Universe for creating other opportunities for me to be amazing and successful.

We are always being guided, so when you feel you may have lost your way, start listening to your intuition, start seeing the signs, both positive and negative, and wake up to how beautiful change can be in your life if you just let go of fear.

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