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Take a Chance to Manifest Change

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” ~ Jack Canfield

We all know that if we engage in the same workout routine every day, and use the same muscles in our body repeatedly without change, then we eventually hit a plateau. We stop seeing any visible increased muscle mass or growth.

That same theory can be applied in how we live our lives too.

If we never take chances and risks in order to implement the change we wish to see in our lives, how are we to have a happier, more abundant life? Change is an inevitable part of life. Change forces us to say goodbye to the old, and embrace the new.

I personally don’t feel we aren’t meant to do the same things, eat the same foods, be the same person we’ve always been, for the rest of our lives. I think change is necessary for us to reach our highest inner and outer potential.

Some people go through their whole lives without any change at all. They stay in the same job, live in the same home, travel to the same places, and eat at the same restaurants. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s no judgment there, especially if they are happy and living a blissful, abundant life.

However, there are people who live the same way, day in day out, and resist change because they are fearful. Fearful of what change can bring about or fearful of the unknown, and they feel stuck, unhappy, and unmotivated as a result of their inability to move forward.

Getting unstuck requires movement. If you’re complaining about something all the time or you’re unhappy or miserable in a current situation, then that’s a sign from the Universe that it’s time to get out of it. That’s the Universe nudging you and sparking that intuitive gut feeling that things need to change!

And if you ignore the signs and just stay unhappy, complaining, you create more of that unhappy miserable experience. It just goes on repeat until you hit a breaking point where you are triggered so badly that you break, and you say that’s it! I’m done! I can’t keep living like this anymore!

It’s in that moment when we decide to shift our mindset to the notion that we deserve something better than the reality we are in right now when we begin to manifest change.

Everything I have done in the last 6 years has been about making changes. As I’ve mentioned many times, I was unfulfilled in my job as a middle school teacher, unhappy in the city I lived in, annoyed with the deterioration of my health, and the list goes on. So I decided to make changes in my life, and once I made the decision, the Universe started working with me.

Even with my recent move from Orange County to San Diego, I started getting uncomfortable in my apartment. Starting in January 2020, my world was filled with extreme construction noise all day long that went on for 7 months. My lease was up in June 2020, but it was the middle of Covid, and I had some fears about moving because I didn’t know where to move, and I was still hoping things would work out for me there.

But I was feeling stuck, and I felt the energy around my environment and within me was stagnant. I felt intuitively I needed to get out. Instead of getting ahead of the situation, I got triggered to move. I hit a breaking point and I knew that I had leave.

So, I started looking around San Diego because I liked the area. And once I made the decision to move, things just fell into place. Fast! I was able to break my lease, a prospective tenant wanted my apartment, and I found a new apartment all within a week. It was that quick. And within a few weeks, I moved.

The exact same thing happened to me when I moved from Chicago to California. Once I made the decision to move forward with change, the Universe matched my energy and doors started opening up and everything just clicked.

That’s when you know you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose. That’s when you know you are on the right path. That’s when your dreams have wings and you manifest your reality.

We have to close the door to what we need to let go of, in order to open that new door, and bring in different opportunities and experiences. When we finally decide to take action, which will require a great deal of faith too, and make a choice in a new direction, then the universe matches our request, and we start to see the change happen in our reality.

Job opportunities surface, places to live open up, you start to see things from a new perspective, and everything you are now moving towards becomes available to you. All because you changed your mindset and made a choice to make a change. The key is to get ahead of the situation and take chances and risks before you hit your breaking point. You will always receive signs from the Universe if you are unhappy. You will feel either bored, or stuck, you’re not motivated and you aren’t feeling fulfilled. You can also feel annoyed, irritated or angered a lot. All of these are signs that something is not quite right in your life, and that it’s time to figure it out, and make a change towards something different.

And that can be a scary, fear-filled time because many people like comfortable, even if they’re unhappy. It feels safer. So they remain stuck. You have to take a risk, a leap of faith, into the unknown. Wherever that new venture may be- whether it’s a new career, new place to live, a new love relationship, or even making small changes within the current world you live in. Sometimes, taking a risk is redecorating your home, spending hard earned money on a luxurious vacation, or getting a new wardrobe or hairstyle. Change and risk don’t always have to be life changing. Only you know how stuck you are in your life or where exactly you need to make changes to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

And once you firmly decide to make a change, and you begin the action steps towards your new situation, open your eyes, and start seeing how quickly opportunities begin to arise for you. Just watch how quickly the Universe matches your new energy and shift in mindset. That is how real change happens. A new reality that is aligned with your soul’s purpose. A new reality that gives you freedom, joy, love, and happiness. So ask yourself today, do I want to be happier? Do I want to make changes? Make a decision.

Close the old door, be aware of a new one opening, and start walking through it. It’s never too late to take a chance, and watch as your life change for the better. I truly hope this helps anyone who is seeking change and a happier existence. I know it’s possible because it happened for me.

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