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Inspired Action Leads to Your Destined Path: Your True Authentic Self

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely daydreaming, but vision with action can change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

"Be aware of the big difference between inspired action and activity. Activity comes from the brain-minded and is rooted in disbelief and lack of faith- you are taking action to 'make' your desire happen. Inspired action is allowing the law to work through you and to move you. Activity feels hard. Inspired action feels wonderful." ~ Rhonda Byrne

When you try to “make things” happen in life, you are taking control, you are forcing the hand, you are trying to make what you want occur. If you look at back at the times in your life where you really kept working, and forcing something to happen that wasn’t truly an easy task, you were operating from an ego mindset. And it is likely that you didn’t get the outcome or result you were seeking because you were trying too hard to make something happen that wasn’t meant to be at the time.

Forced action or controlled action is usually rooted in fear, loneliness, desperation, ego or any negatively based emotion. You act on things because you feel you have to and need to. Or because you think it’s what you should do or what society or your family thinks you should do.

It isn’t action that is intuitive or from a place of deep knowing. It’s a way of controlling your environment and situation because you fear that if you don’t do something then nothing will ever happen for you.

The way to achieve your soul’s purpose, be your authentic true self, and find your destined path is to follow your intuition and heart, and take inspired action.

So what is inspired action? And how do you know when to follow it?

Inspired action is when you listen to your intuitive guidance, your gut feeling, the voice in your heart that is nudging you to apply for that job that’s out of reach, or enroll in a new course of study or ask someone out on a date.

Inspired action feels exciting and hopeful and it’s something you really want to do. It feels good, even if it seems a little scary. Therefore, your ego may kick in and bring up fears or doubts to stop you from going through with it. But, if you are self-aware, you will disregard your ego mindset, and follow your intuitive action and as the phrase states: just go for it!

And when you do, you will see how easy and effortless that inspired action is, and that you end up with exactly the outcome you wanted, and on the path you are meant to be on.

Inspired action is supposed to be easy, it is supposed to flow with your desires and wishes, and it is meant to be followed through.

You will have this feeling in your bones that you can’t ignore. It will keep coming up and keep nudging you until you can’t deny it any longer. And it will not be coming from a place of fear or desperation, it will come from a place of love and excitement, that feeling when you know it ‘feels right’.

I have many times in my life followed both inspired action and forced action. I can honestly say that when I have tried to “force my hand” at something or tried too hard to make something come into fruition, I was met with frustration, anger and disappointment because I never got what I wanted from that action.

For instance, every time I tried to take the bar exam, I tried to force something to happen that just wasn’t meant for me. Four months, twice a year, living and breathing these bar courses and materials to pursue something that after a while I didn’t even want anymore.

I was taking the exam over and over because I felt I had to and I needed to, not because I wanted to. And each time, I failed, I lost more and more of myself and my true desires.

Following my inspired action has been becoming a teacher, moving to California, leaving the teaching field, moving to San Diego, and most recently enrolling in a mastermind writer’s retreat with Jack Canfield.

In mid-February, I was intuitively guided to go on Instagram after my meditations and I saw an ad which I’ve never seen before to check out a free webinar by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. It was for non-fiction writers only. It started in an hour and I signed up.

After the webinar, there was a hook to get you to sign up for their 2-day virtual mastermind retreat. You would get 35 minutes of one on one time with Jack, his business manager, and publicist, a personal interview with Jack that you could use as a promotional video/testimonial, and a tweet publicizing your book on his Twitter account.

It was so exciting and exactly what I wanted to do to get a jumpstart on my writing career! They vetted the candidates and only took 17 people. However, it was extremely expensive and I wasn’t sure I could afford it.

My gut was telling me it was right and that I should go for it. My inspired action was coming from a happy and exuberant place. My ego said no, it’s too expensive. You shouldn’t do it. You’ll lose your savings. You’ll never get your money back.

But, that was lack mentality, a scarcity mindset. How do I not know that this investment in myself WILL help me, and that when I write my book, I won’t get this money back and more?

I still don’t know for certain, but that’s where faith comes in. It’s surrendering. It’s believing. It’s believing in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. It’s believing in the impossible.

It’s this faith-based belief in conjunction with inspired action, that allows you to flow into your desired path, into the direction of your dreams, to everything you want in life.

Every inspired action I have taken has been a chance or risk because I didn’t know the outcome in the moment, but I knew that it was the right thing to do or to pursue, and it ultimately became the best and most amazing choice I ever made.

You too can achieve anything you want in life if you believe, have faith, and follow your inspired action.

So, the next time you get a nudge to just go for it, follow that inspired action because you never know where it will take you.

But, I’m positive it will take you to what your heart’s true desires are. It will take you to your soul’s purpose. It will take you to your destined path: to your true authentic self!

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